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Sneak Peek | Sula AW2016

Sula AW2016-1

Just a quick image from Carsluith, in southern Scotland. From a cold and windy forest near a loch, most likely. It’s so ridiculously beautiful here. I’m staying in a cottage in the countryside. Cows and sheep for neighbors. More to come. Soon. When I’m back to civilization.

Sneak Peek | Goa, India

Goa India-1

Just a quick image from Goa, in southern India, where I’m currently on my second assignment of the year. The weather couldn’t be nicer and the people couldn’t be more beautiful. I’m looking forward to the week. More later from various travels. But for now, the sun is calling.

Happy Holidays Everyone


So turns out I don’t have any super cool quirky fun pictures of Santa or Christmas trees or naked elves or anything like that, but to kind of lazily be a part of the festive season, here’s something red & green from my archives. Happy Holidays to everyone. Thanks for sticking around and making this big stupid thing worth while. I’m excited about next year. See you then.

From India | Sula Clothing SS2016

Sula Fashion Photography SS2016 01

India smells like burning. Like the crush of a billion people. Like oils and incense and rose water and stale puddles and drying paint and toasted spices. Like body odor and fresh grass and simmering curries. Like everything and all of it all at once. It smells like colors and sunshine too. Like a loud joyful scream. It does something tangible to you. The world there exists in technicolor. In song. In smiles and bobbling heads. It’s filthy and annoying and beautiful and one of my favorite places in the world to work. I was lucky enough to get back a few weeks ago to Kerala to shoot the most recent SS2016 collection from Sula Clothing. Check it out. And get yourself to India already.

Sula Fashion Photography SS2016 02
Sula Fashion Photography SS2016 03
Sula Fashion Photography SS2016 04
Sula Fashion Photography SS2016 05
Sula Fashion Photography SS2016 06
Sula Fashion Photography SS2016 07
Sula Fashion Photography SS2016 08
Sula Fashion Photography SS2016 09
Sula Fashion Photography SS2016 10

Fashion | Sula SS2015

1214 AJS Sula SS2015-2954
1214 AJS Sula SS2015-651
1214 AJS Sula SS2015-1259
1214 AJS Sula SS2015-3012

It feels appropriate to start off the new year with a post on one of my favorite clients, Sula Clothing. I’ve worked with Alison and Trang on Sula’s collections for three years now, and every shoot feels better and more creative than the last. We’ve traveled all over northern Vietnam together in the past, but this time we stayed a bit closer to home, in Hanoi. Here are a few outtakes from the day.

Hanoi Fashion | INK Publishing


Thanks to the great folks at INK Publishing for trusting me with yet another amazing travel story. This time on Hanoi’s rising fashion scene. I was able to profile several friends and photograph a bunch of beautiful people in a bunch of beautiful clothes. Too easy, really. As always and until next time, you can see more tearsheets on my website.


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