Sneak Peek | Sula AW2016

Sula AW2016-1

Just a quick image from Carsluith, in southern Scotland. From a cold and windy forest near a loch, most likely. It’s so ridiculously beautiful here. I’m staying in a cottage in the countryside. Cows and sheep for neighbors. More to come. Soon. When I’m back to civilization.

Nowhere in Scotland 2

Nowhere in Scotland Again-1
Nowhere in Scotland Again-2
Nowhere in Scotland Again-3

I’m sitting in the Paris airport waiting for my long-haul flight back to Hanoi catching up on emails and making sure I have enough podcasts downloaded to last through the journey in case I can’t sleep. Scotland was amazing. Maybe a bit too rainy during the last few days, but luckily it’s the kind of place that looks beautiful in the rain. Here are some more empty lonely landscapes. The kind of stuff the Western Highlands has in spades.