Sula | AW2020

A few images from a recent campaign with Sula Clothing in the UK. We photographed everything in just a few tiny spaces, transforming them with each image, trying to invoke Cindy Sherman’s Untitled Film Stills or something similar. Mostly just avoiding the rain. The weather was cold and mournful and my favorite images from the shoot inhabit that mood.

Sneak Peek | Sula AW2016

Sula AW2016-1

Just a quick image from Carsluith, in southern Scotland. From a cold and windy forest near a loch, most likely. It’s so ridiculously beautiful here. I’m staying in a cottage in the countryside. Cows and sheep for neighbors. More to come. Soon. When I’m back to civilization.

From India | Sula Clothing SS2016

Sula Fashion Photography SS2016 01

India smells like burning. Like the crush of a billion people. Like oils and incense and rose water and stale puddles and drying paint and toasted spices. Like body odor and fresh grass and simmering curries. Like everything and all of it all at once. It smells like colors and sunshine too. Like a loud joyful scream. It does something tangible to you. The world there exists in technicolor. In song. In smiles and bobbling heads. It’s filthy and annoying and beautiful and one of my favorite places in the world to work. I was lucky enough to get back a few weeks ago to Kerala to shoot the most recent SS2016 collection from Sula Clothing. Check it out. And get yourself to India already.

Sula Fashion Photography SS2016 02
Sula Fashion Photography SS2016 03
Sula Fashion Photography SS2016 04
Sula Fashion Photography SS2016 05
Sula Fashion Photography SS2016 06
Sula Fashion Photography SS2016 07
Sula Fashion Photography SS2016 08
Sula Fashion Photography SS2016 09
Sula Fashion Photography SS2016 10

Fashion Photography | Sula AW2014

AJS Sula Clothing Fashoin Photos AW2014 01

Last month I traveled to Mai Chau, in the northern mountains of Vietnam, to shoot Sula Clothing’s new AW2014 collection. I’ve worked with the boutique design house for over two years now, and each shoot is a chance to experiment more and take more chances. Sula remains one of my favorite clients, and I really can’t say enough good things about them. I love their clothes, and Alison, the owner and designer, has always granted me an almost limitless freedom to do what I will on each photoshoot. The images here stood out for me for whatever reasons. For those interested, you can check out the website–and buy Sula’s beautiful boutique designer rags–HERE.

AJS Sula Clothing Fashoin Photos AW2014 02
AJS Sula Clothing Fashoin Photos AW2014 03
AJS Sula Clothing Fashoin Photos AW2014 04
AJS Sula Clothing Fashoin Photos AW2014 05
AJS Sula Clothing Fashoin Photos AW2014 06
AJS Sula Clothing Fashoin Photos AW2014 07
AJS Sula Clothing Fashoin Photos AW2014 08