Sneak Peek | Domi Sleepwear

Domi Sleepwear-1

Hanoi for The New York Times

0116 AJS Hanoi Party Congress-94

I don’t spend much time in Hanoi anymore, but it still feels like home whenever I’m back. Or as much like home as a place that is 100% definitely not your home can feel. But I guess Hanoi feels like home in that way that home always feels familiar, coming back to it. Something maybe kind of wells up inside of you. Looming communist structures start to feel almost intimate. Street scenes become familiar tableaus. The sounds of morning exercises and blaring loudspeakers are no longer jarring. So it’s always nice to be back, as I was a few weeks back for an assignment with The New York Times, on the then-upcoming 12th Communist Party Congress. Here are some images from the story as well as a few outtakes that didn’t make it to the final piece.

0116 AJS Hanoi Party Congress-225
0116 AJS Hanoi Party Congress-709
0116 AJS Hanoi Party Congress-964
Early morning along West Lake in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Taiwan | Stuck Between Stations

Taiwan Travel Photography 01

Just a few little scenes from Taiwan, where I spent New Year’s Eve amidst the crowds surrounding Taipei 101, ate my weight in five-spiced street foods, stumbled across a few temples, and generally waltzed around the downtown streets with nothing on my schedule. It was great. A short and lovely little trip. Sometimes I guess that’s all you need.

Taiwan Travel Photography 02
Taiwan Travel Photography 03
Taiwan Travel Photography 04
Taiwan Travel Photography 06
Taiwan Travel Photography 07

Video | Sula Clothing SS2016

I’ve been trying to learn a little about video. Shooting, grading, editing, etc. I figured it was about time. I shot this little promo while on a fashion shoot in Kochi, India. I’m trying to keep it loose. Simple. Just the basics. But I’m into it. I just shot another bit while in Goa for a travel magazine, so who knows. I’m sure they’ll be calling me up to consult on Episode VIII next.

Sneak Peek | Goa, India

Goa India-1

Just a quick image from Goa, in southern India, where I’m currently on my second assignment of the year. The weather couldn’t be nicer and the people couldn’t be more beautiful. I’m looking forward to the week. More later from various travels. But for now, the sun is calling.

Faded Memories

WPO Blog

The World Photo Organisation along with PhotoShelter interviewed me about my photography. It just went live and you can see it here: Faded Memories. Mostly about my past work, the idea of truth in photography, and what it’s like to work with some of my favorite clients.

Happy Holidays Everyone


So turns out I don’t have any super cool quirky fun pictures of Santa or Christmas trees or naked elves or anything like that, but to kind of lazily be a part of the festive season, here’s something red & green from my archives. Happy Holidays to everyone. Thanks for sticking around and making this big stupid thing worth while. I’m excited about next year. See you then.


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