Travel Photography | Phuket, Thailand

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I got a chance to relax for a few days after a brief stint working just outside of Phuket, Thailand. Sometimes all you need is a beach and a book and a few of those other little big things that make life all the more worthwhile.

Travel Diaries | Instagram


So I travel a lot and I take a lot of photographs. And this blog is a great platform for showing off recent work and tearsheets and nicer, more professional-looking images. But what about all those things that get lost along the way? All those moments and scenes and snapshots snapped with my camera phone somewhere on the journey, whether with friends or strangers or just something out of a plane window 35,000 feet above the earth? What happens to that diary of digital detritus? Well, funny you should ask. I put it all up on my Instagram account. You should follow me there. If you’re into that kind of thing. Come say hello. Everything has flare. Aaron Joel Santos Instagram.

Yangon Rising

BLOG Yangon Rising Street Photography 01

When I first traveled to Yangon, there were frequent power outages, a distinct lack of cellphones, and empty roads after 9pm. But things change. There were also crowded tea shops and chaotic street markets and girls wearing thanaka. Not to mention a kind of prevailing overall ramshackle charm. All of which has survived to this day. It’s a bit cliche to say that the country is finally moving into the 21st century, but it’s also difficult to deny the progress being made, especially in Yangon. Social media is making inroads. New bars and restaurants are opening up. Some neighborhoods are becoming more hip than others. There’s a growing arts scene. And so much more. It’s great to see a city coming into its own. Especially a city as beautiful and unique as Yangon. So here are just a few photos from a few days there. Focusing mostly on that retro allure. That certain whatever. That thing that keeps bring me back, over and over again.

A young Burmese street seller at a crowded market in downtown Yangon, Myanmar.
Early morning on the streets of Yangon, Myanmar.
BLOG Yangon Rising Street Photography 04
BLOG Yangon Rising Street Photography 05
A man walks along a pier toward the Yangon River in downtown Yangon, Myanmar.
A man carries a jug of water through the streets of Yangon, Myanmar.
BLOG Yangon Rising Street Photography 08
Locals exit a small bus in downtown Yangon, Myanmar.
Burmese men and women wait for the bus in downtown Yangon, Myanmar.
A crowded market in downtown Yangon, Myanmar.
A street seller at her food stall in downtown Yangon, Myanmar.
A young child is carried through a street market in downtown Yangon, Myanmar.
Sunset along the Yangon River in Yangon, Myanmar.

Mostly Love Now

Yangon in Rising Color

Something colorful and bright for the weekend. Just because.

Documentary Photography Edits


Trying to condense all of the documentary work I’ve done into a concise intelligent moving and relevant 25-30 picture edit is proving to be one of the more difficult tasks I’ve set myself so far this year. But you know. Has to be done. So here I am, brewing a fourth tin of coffee, skipping lunch, and putting drops in my eyes to keep the dryness at bay. I’d rather have hundreds of prints scattered across the floor, but that’s just more time. So maybe next round.

Tearsheet | Fah Thai Magazine

Fah Thai Cover NOV-DEC 2014 FINAL.indd

I’ve worked with various titles at INK Publishing for a few years now, and I’m always super excited to see the layouts and tearsheets when they go to print. Here’s a recent one from Fah Thai magazine, for a story about the Phare Circus in Cambodia.

Fashion | Sula SS2015

1214 AJS Sula SS2015-2954
1214 AJS Sula SS2015-651
1214 AJS Sula SS2015-1259
1214 AJS Sula SS2015-3012

It feels appropriate to start off the new year with a post on one of my favorite clients, Sula Clothing. I’ve worked with Alison and Trang on Sula’s collections for three years now, and every shoot feels better and more creative than the last. We’ve traveled all over northern Vietnam together in the past, but this time we stayed a bit closer to home, in Hanoi. Here are a few outtakes from the day.


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