Sneak Peak | Jules & Ce


I’m finally back from Nova Scotia after photographing the beautiful, moving, and all around fantastic wedding of wedding photographer Julian Wainwright. Tomorrow, I’ll be bringing all of my film to get developed at the lab and I’ll be sifting through thousands of images to try and find a few hundred that might possibly live up to the actual awesomeness of the day itself. It’s a tall order. And but so for now, here’s a simple image of Ce overlooking the sea and some other distant shores. Wedding dress by the inimitable Thao Vu over at Kilomet 109.

Summer Style | Nova Scotia

Jules & Ce-2

So I’m currently in Canada photographing the wedding of a good friend who just happens to be one of the best wedding photographers in all of Southeast Asia. So the pressure is on. And I was fine with it. I thought I had it in the bag. I thought I knew what to expect. And then they showed up in matching pastel paisley suits and skirts and well, things went haywire from there. I’m guessing that by tomorrow the Halifax boardwalk will be filled with poor imitations and one-offs. A big congrats to Jules & Ce. Now I should probably be packing my camera bag instead of writing this post.

Where the Wild Things Are

Singapore Zoo-1

I spent a relaxing afternoon at the Singapore Zoo recently. And since I’m the world’s worst animal photographer, I just tried to take gritty artsy black and white images of some of the more interesting creatures that crawled, crept, and slithered close enough to my lens. So here are a few. I don’t know. Just something to look at. Nothing more.

Note that baboons are some of the craziest things I’ve ever seen up close and personal. Their hindquarters look like someone tried to turn them inside-out but then quit halfway through. Also, tigers are majestic and beautiful and lazy as shit. Fruit bats–or whatever that vampiric thing hanging from a tree branch is–have enormous penises, relative to their body sizes, and they look weirdly human. The penises. Not so much the bats, which look more like flying wolves. Lemurs are pretty chill all around, and during feeding times they’ll just hang out right next to you and eat a pineapple. Crocodiles are downright prehistoric. And snakes will never not look scheming and shrewd and shifty and generally just evil, even when they’re simply lying there, napping on a tree branch.

Singapore Zoo-2
Singapore Zoo-3
Singapore Zoo-4
Singapore Zoo-5
Singapore Zoo-7

Website Updates

A boat ride on a river in Hanoi, Vietnam.

I just finished an enormous overhaul to my photography portfolio site. Updated galleries, new images, better toning, and a more comprehensive overview of my work in general. Or at least I think so. I’m still tweaking it a little, but I like it. There are a lot of new tearsheets from recent assignments, and a new documentary section on Vietnam in modern times. Check it out if you have a minute.

Fashion | Sula AW2015

Fashion Photographer Southeast Asia 01

A few weeks back, I had the pleasure to travel back to India for a fashion shoot with Sula Clothing. The designer flew in from the UK and we worked with a Mexican model, the lovely Sofia Torres, in a lofty green garden apartment overlooking Hauz Khas Lake in South Delhi. We went to the market to buy fresh fruits and marigolds and random threads and beads and other accents for the styling of the shoot. Then we spent two days in the grueling dirty dusty suffocating heat of South Asia in the middle summer shooting a winter collection. And weirdly enough, it worked. Like a lot. I think the photographs came out really well. Mostly because of the model and designer. With these things, I basically just show up with a camera and if I can manage to point it in the right direction, something magical is bound to already be happening. So here are some selects from the day. Hopefully we’ll be able to get to Kerala for the next one. Fingers crossed.

Fashion Photographer Southeast Asia 02
Fashion Photographer Southeast Asia 03
Fashion Photographer Southeast Asia 04
Fashion Photographer Southeast Asia 05
Fashion Photographer Southeast Asia 06
Fashion Photographer Southeast Asia 07
Fashion Photographer Southeast Asia 08
Fashion Photographer Southeast Asia 09
Fashion Photographer Southeast Asia 10

NYT | Vietnam & China Trade

Aaron Joel Santos New York Times Vietnam 01

Last week I was up near the Vietnam-China border, in Lao Cai, a town better known as the entry point for the mountainous old hill station town of Sapa than for being anything whatsoever on its own. Lao Cai isn’t a tourist town. Most travelers pass through on the bus or train and go no further than the station parking lots, there only long enough to scuttle from one air-conditioned mode of transportation to the next. I was there for a grueling two days, battling bad weather and shifty-eyed smugglers and unhelpful border guards. All for a story on border trade between locals in Vietnam and China for The New York Times. You can read the story in the link. And here are some image outtakes.

Aaron Joel Santos New York Times Vietnam 02
Aaron Joel Santos New York Times Vietnam 03
Aaron Joel Santos New York Times Vietnam 04
Aaron Joel Santos New York Times Vietnam 05
Aaron Joel Santos New York Times Vietnam 06

Greetings From New Delhi

Sula AW2015-1


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