South Africa Panorama

South Africa HOLGA-2

I just developed some old film from Cape Town, South Africa. I left it out for a few months, open to the sun and heat and humidity of northern Vietnam. So now all the numbers from the film paper have burned through and mold has started to grow on all of the images, giving them an aged, washed-out kind of feel. I like it for the few photographs from the trip that I like. Here’s a homemade panorama from the tip of the continent.

3 thoughts on “South Africa Panorama”

  1. Nature hasn’t been kind to your film. It has damaged your film, aged it, there is so much grain.. But somehow it made it look very interesting. Did you shoot with B&W film originally?

  2. Im South African, and currently studying Vietnam in History so your first two sentences caught my eye! Lurve the pictures 🙂

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