Simple in Sicily


I got a few rolls of film developed from a recent trip to Sicily, where I shot the SS2017 collection for Sula Clothing. These are just a few simple scenes from walking around Catania. Churches, alleys, and laundry. Not much more.

Laos | Luang Prabang in Red

0416 AJS Luang Prabang-006
0416 AJS Luang Prabang-001

It’s nice to find a few forgotten rolls of film somewhere in a lost desk drawer, exhumed through spring cleaning or moving into a new house, the frames long vanished from memory only to be jolted back in line by the under-appreciated saints at your local processing lab. And so I find myself with some pictures from the quaint little mountain town of Luang Prabang, in northern Laos. Nothing groundbreaking here. Just some images from the sunny banks of the Mekong River and some surrounding temples, from a weekend I took away a few months back.

This evening, I’m off to the wilds of northern Mongolia in Tsagaan Nuur just west of Lake Huvsgul. Going off the grid for two weeks, basically. Leaving the computer and emails and all of the other burdens of modern life behind for at least a short little while. And then inevitably coming back to it all over again. So until then.

Landscape in Blue

Landscape in Blue-1

Just a simple panorama. Part of nothing. Thinking about updating the blog, starting a new series of posts looking back at old work, posting more often, keeping things more active than they’ve been in a while. A lot of my work can’t be shown, or is caught up in limbo while awaiting publication, so I’m thinking of more ways to publish more stories here. Archival footage, simple single images, tearsheets, personal work, and more. So stay tuned. As always.

Ha Giang | Northern Vietnam

Ha Giang Vietnam B&W 01

A few images I just got developed from the frontier lands of northern Vietnam, in Ha Giang province. This was my third trip to the region, which is one of the most remote areas in all of Vietnam and home to some of the most beautiful landscapes in Asia, in this humble photographer’s opinion. Anyway. Check out my website to see more of my ongoing work from Ha Giang and the ethnic minorities that comprise the bulk of the population there. Or, you know, whatever.

Ha Giang Vietnam B&W 02
Ha Giang Vietnam B&W 03
Ha Giang Vietnam B&W 04
Ha Giang Vietnam B&W 05
Ha Giang Vietnam B&W 06

The Evening Redness in the East

Ha Giang Vietnam-1

The foreboding mountainous landscapes of northern Vietnam are grim and beautiful and mysterious and every time I travel through Ha Giang Province I’m reminded of all of this and more. Last month, I took a road trip there with little more than a great friend, an old motorbike, a few small cameras, and a bag film of expired film. Here’s one quick picture. Blood red and blurry. More to come.