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I’ve been trying to keep a camera on me most days these days. Usually a small compact or something that fits snugly over my shoulder without adding too much weight or occupying too much thought while I’m out and about. More of a simple exercise in simply seeing the world. I’ve been trying to capture more movement, to see my surroundings more as a cinematographer might. Reading more film theory and editing concepts and trying to apply that to stills and street scenes from daily life. Studying rigid forms in an attempt to be a bit looser I guess, mostly with the belief that art is a kind of struggle in contrasts. Blah blah blah.┬áSo anyway, here are a few photographs from Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Hong Kong. All shot on black & white film since the break of 2017.


Finding Calm in Kyushu

Japan Nagasaki-1

There’s something about riding a train through a peaceful and epic Japanese landscape. I was on a job in Kyushu for about seven days last week, a portion of which had me traveling on a luxury passenger train between several different towns and cities on the island. It was a much needed respite amidst a flurry of recent assignments that have taken me through Thailand, Japan, India, New Zealand, and Vietnam. I’ll get some rest soon. But for now, just looking through these images brings a calm serenity to my overworked brain, and I feel refreshed and ready to take on anything.

Japan Nagasaki-2
Japan Nagasaki-3
Japan Nagasaki-4

South Africa Panorama

South Africa HOLGA-2

I just developed some old film from Cape Town, South Africa. I left it out for a few months, open to the sun and heat and humidity of northern Vietnam. So now all the numbers from the film paper have burned through and mold has started to grow on all of the images, giving them an aged, washed-out kind of feel. I like it for the few photographs from the trip that I like. Here’s a homemade panorama from the tip of the continent.