Some Girls: Portraits of Tu

I met Tu on my first night in Pattaya, after her last show at Tiffany’s cabaret, where she’s been performing for the past 10 years. We were introduced through another woman I’d met in Bangkok that morning. Tu was kind enough to invite me back to her house to take a few portraits. I wanted something a bit more dramatic and over the top. She was very statuesque, and coupled with the makeup she was still wearing, I couldn’t help but see the whole thing as kind of a performance or act. Her room was filled with fantastic colors and she even agreed to wear one of her stage outfits for a quick shoot. She was a great subject and a gracious host. We stayed until about 2am and then met her again backstage at the cabaret the next day. I’m still editing the images, but so far I’m very happy with the way things turned out.

1 thought on “Some Girls: Portraits of Tu”

  1. […] Tu, above, is a veteran performer at Tiffany’s Show, a transgender cabaret club in Pattaya. Aaron was able to take some photos backstage: “Backstage was lots of makeup. Like an hour of straight makeup. Foundation. More foundation. And then a little more foundation. Some color. Some eyelashes. Some glitter. Some crazy outfits.” […]

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