Some Girls: Some Portraits

There are so many great people and great stories from my recent trip to Thailand, but for now, here are a few portraits that I like of a few of the women that I met along the way. Some of these were taken as the project was still taking shape. Others later on.

Aen, in the top picture, is an Air Force Communications Officer by day and a part-time hairdresser at night. I have an open invitation on my next trip to photograph her in official uniform and full makeup. Mae I thought just looked very feminine with the blue shawl, but I also like the very pronounced Adam’s apple on her neck. Sense, pictured here with eyes closed, was a sea of calm in Pattaya. Ya is a hairdresser saving up for full gender-reassignment surgery. And Aer, shown last reflected in her car’s rear-view mirror, had in spades all the stereotyped traits I’ve come to know and love of large happy women everywhere. She was full of life and energy and introduced me to several people that made the start of this project possible.

A first edit of Some Girls can be seen here on my website. It’s still very much a work in progress, and will continue to grow and transform, much like the subjects it depicts.

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