Quiet Times in Hanoi

Hanoi Vietnam Cafe

It’s Sunday afternoon, just after lunch, and all the park benches are filled with people taking their afternoon naps and I’m reminded of how quiet and eerie this city can sometimes be. Which is of course just relative to how loud it usually is. Dear loud and lovely Hanoi. I generally can’t walk down the street without dodging bikes, chairs, fans, food stalls and about a thousand people anytime I leave my house, so when I find myself on the street, walking freely with no one else in sight, it gets a bit weird.

Life has been going by in slow motion for the past few days. I have a lot of work to do, but it’s all passive work. Marketing, updates, research and invoices. So I’m not sure how interesting things will be around here. I’ve been back from the States for about a month now and I’m anxious to start work on a few new and old personal projects, so hopefully I’ll find some time in the next few weeks. Another short vacation wouldn’t be bad either.

The portrait above is of a cafe owner in Hanoi, from a little shop just south of the Old Quarter. Just that and nothing more. It felt quiet. And rather than rehashing old outtakes.

7 thoughts on “Quiet Times in Hanoi”

  1. ah i need to imagine a quiet hanoi 🙂

    my friends and i met an artist from there last week, tran luong – he’s inspired us!

    hope to make it back to hanoi before the year ends…

  2. It mostly just gets quiet on Sundays. Or more quiet. Funny too that I was just thinking how badly I wanted to get down to KL for another visit.

  3. Just found this blog now. Very interesting. I’ll be in Hanoi in a few weeks and this is a nice way to make some research about the city. This shot looks so quiet and peaceful… not the 1st idea that comes to mind about Hanoi. Well done.

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