Polaroids | Northern Vietnam

Just a few quick Polaroids from a motorbike trip into the mountains of northern Vietnam near Pu Luong national park, a few hours southwest of Hanoi. A simple, soul-affirming kind of drive along small dirt roads and over rickety bridges and chaotic highways. It was a wonderful way to end over a month of assignments that took me across Japan, China, Hong Kong, and Vietnam. More to come once my film gets developed. So for now.

Back to Vietnam


I’m heading off tomorrow for a two-week stint traveling up and down the length of Vietnam–from the Mekong Delta to the mountains of the far remote north–for a new travel/tourism client. I get back to the country nearly every month, but this project will be something different. Something I can really sink my teeth into. Dive in. Wander around both aimlessly and not. On planes, trains, and automobiles. I’ll try to post some photos from the road. So until then.

Something Like Old Vietnam

0816 AJS Sula Ninh Binh-726
0816 AJS Sula Ninh Binh-780
0816 AJS Sula Ninh Binh-921

Just a few images from a recent fashion shoot featuring some beautiful, near-forgotten French sewing techniques still being kept alive in a small town in northern Vietnam. The pieces are faint and brief and feel like they could be carried away by a strong breeze, which is as proper an homage to the craft as I can imagine.

Hanoi for The New York Times

0116 AJS Hanoi Party Congress-94

I don’t spend much time in Hanoi anymore, but it still feels like home whenever I’m back. Or as much like home as a place that is 100% definitely not your home can feel. But I guess Hanoi feels like home in that way that home always feels familiar, coming back to it. Something maybe kind of wells up inside of you. Looming communist structures start to feel almost intimate. Street scenes become familiar tableaus. The sounds of morning exercises and blaring loudspeakers are no longer jarring. So it’s always nice to be back, as I was a few weeks back for an assignment with The New York Times, on the then-upcoming 12th Communist Party Congress. Here are some images from the story as well as a few outtakes that didn’t make it to the final piece.

0116 AJS Hanoi Party Congress-225
0116 AJS Hanoi Party Congress-709
0116 AJS Hanoi Party Congress-964
Early morning along West Lake in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Faded Memories

WPO Blog

The World Photo Organisation along with PhotoShelter interviewed me about my photography. It just went live and you can see it here: Faded Memories. Mostly about my past work, the idea of truth in photography, and what it’s like to work with some of my favorite clients.

Vietnam | Emeralda Resort

1015 AJS NOI Emeralda Resort-2830
1015 AJS NOI Emeralda Resort-3677

I spent a few days last week photographing the Emeralda Resort on the outskirts of Ninh Binh in northern Vietnam. Here are just a few images from the property, which is in a beautiful locale a few hours away from Hanoi, spread out across the rice fields and karst mountains and winding streams of the area. A great weekend escape, for sure. Especially this time of year, when the sun is bright and the weather is cool and the buffalo are out roaming wild and free.

Ode to Hanoi

Travel Photographs from Vietnam

Hanoi was always an easy place to love. A sense of history and a culture that slowly but surely began to embrace change and modernity. Chaos and charm in equal measures. A coldness that opened to warmth at the smallest provocation. Crumbling walls on ancient temples and less ancient French villas. Smiles and leers and sideways glances. Streets that smelled of petrol and burning things. Wet markets where the din of the street sellers drowned out most other conversation. At times the capital would be plagued by gray skies, but when the sun broke and shone and lit up all the yellow walls like so many gilded golden aisles, there was nothing more magical.

I lived in Hanoi for seven years and I wouldn’t take back a single moment. But now there are other cities and horizons to explore. Other towns to unearth and get lost in. Other countries to discover just as intimately as the one I’ve called home for so long now. So here’s an ode to Hanoi. A song for everyone. A long and winding visual journey through my time there. I’ll miss it but maybe you only ever miss the things you hold closest and most dear.

Fashion Photography in Vietnam
Traffic in Hanoi, Vietnam.
Southeast Asia Portraits
Grilled street food in Hanoi, Vietnam.
Conical Hat & Smoke
Hanoi Travel Photography 07
Urban Farming and Development in Vietnam
Aerial views
A young girl in Hanoi, Vietnam.
Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum
Hanoi Travel Photography 12
Exercising in Hanoi, Vietnam.
Southeast Asia Portraits
Hanoi Travel Photography 15
Hanoi Travel Photography 16
Hanoi Travel Photography 17
Fishermen at sunset on West Lake in Hanoi, Vietnam.
Architecture in Hanoi
Hanoi Travel Photography 20
Hanoi Travel Photography 21
Urban Farming and Development in Vietnam
Hanoi Travel Photography 23
Vegetables for sale in Hanoi, Vietnam.
An elder Vietnamese woman speaks to a crowd in Hanoi, Vietnam.
Banana flower salad in Hanoi, Vietnam.
Hanoi Travel Photography 27
Hanoi Travel Photography 28
Passengers at the train station in Hanoi, Vietnam.
Southeast Asia Portraits