Hanoi, Vietnam & Beyond

Long Bien Farmer: Hanoi, Vietnam

Barnstorm XXII

Apparently a higher power wants me to stay in debt for now (or forever). There’s probably a pertinent movie quote that I’m just missing here. So first things first, I was just invited to attend this year’s Eddie Adams Workshop. Four days of intense something or others in New York state at the beginning of October. I’m pretty damn excited, I must say. I applied on a lark, thinking that it would be good for me to see the application process before I really had a fighting chance next year or the following. Call it beginner’s luck. I certainly wasn’t planning on making another trip back to the States so soon. Now where’s my credit card?

Other News & Updates

I’ve also recently signed on with Glasshouse Images, and will be selling some of my photography through them for the foreseeable future. They are a boutique stock agency based out of New York City, and I’m very excited to be showing alongside all of the wonderful photographers on their roster. Check them out. Very flash.

In other random news, I’ve been working on a major overhaul of my PhotoShelter Archives. There’s still a lot of photographs to be uploaded, but I’m liking the look and feel of it. It was getting pretty outdated there. Bonus points for making it more search engine friendly this time around, too.

And since I like saving the best and most random for last, tomorrow morning I get to be a model for a new Vietnam Airlines advertisement. That’s right. A paid model for a Vietnam Airlines shoot. This just brings me one step closer to realizing my dream of becoming an action movie star in Vietnam. Look out world.

1 thought on “Hanoi, Vietnam & Beyond”

  1. Well, they obviously didn’t want a model that LOOKED Vietnamese! And please post a link if you can – when available – to the photo, video, whatever. Would love to see it!!

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