Lighter & Leaving

Things have been bleak lately on the blog. Nothing but black & white photographs. Toil & struggle & poverty & all that other crap we love so much. I even felt the need to shoot a recent wedding without color. They were just snapshots, granted, but still. Not exactly postcards for happy days. Which is misleading, seeing as life is pretty well and good here now. So here’s a splash of color before I leave for Nha Trang, to shoot a wedding with fellow photographers Aidan Dockery & Ehrin Macksey.

Tran Hung is a good friend and hairdresser here in Hanoi. He needed a few images for a story a local magazine was doing on him, and after counting all of the bottles of wine and Jameson that Hung has purchased for me on many a blurry evening, spending 30 minutes in his studio to fire off a few shots was the very least I could do to repay him. I think the lesson here is: if you’re lucky, and buy me drinks a few nights a month for two years, maybe one day I’ll spend 30 minutes photographing you too. Though no promises.

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