Fashion | Sula AW2015

Fashion Photographer Southeast Asia 01

A few weeks back, I had the pleasure to travel back to India for a fashion shoot with Sula Clothing. The designer flew in from the UK and we worked with a Mexican model, the lovely Sofia Torres, in a lofty green garden apartment overlooking Hauz Khas Lake in South Delhi. We went to the market to buy fresh fruits and marigolds and random threads and beads and other accents for the styling of the shoot. Then we spent two days in the grueling dirty dusty suffocating heat of South Asia in the middle summer shooting a winter collection. And weirdly enough, it worked. Like a lot. I think the photographs came out really well. Mostly because of the model and designer. With these things, I basically just show up with a camera and if I can manage to point it in the right direction, something magical is bound to already be happening. So here are some selects from the day. Hopefully we’ll be able to get to Kerala for the next one. Fingers crossed.

Fashion Photographer Southeast Asia 02
Fashion Photographer Southeast Asia 03
Fashion Photographer Southeast Asia 04
Fashion Photographer Southeast Asia 05
Fashion Photographer Southeast Asia 06
Fashion Photographer Southeast Asia 07
Fashion Photographer Southeast Asia 08
Fashion Photographer Southeast Asia 09
Fashion Photographer Southeast Asia 10

16 thoughts on “Fashion | Sula AW2015”

  1. u look so pretty!!! I wanna visit India so badly and wish I could have some awesome shots like this, also you can check out my blog for some photography and travel information if you are interested!

  2. The colours, patterns and moods in these photos are so great! Just WoW!

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