Nowhere in Scotland

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Just a few images from the Scottish Highlands along the western coast during a road trip with some friends. Grainy lonely desolate landscapes that lead nowhere and everywhere and take their time doing so. It’s insanely beautiful here. But winter is coming so I won’t be staying much longer.

Tearsheets | JOIA Magazine

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I was recently interviewed about my Prison Fight photographs by JOIA Magazine, a fine art publication out of Chile in South America. I love the layouts and the minimalist designs. It’s always nice to see editors and art directors doing great things with photography. Makes me super happy. So thanks to Alvaro and his team. Keep up the amazing work; I’m honored to be part of the current issue.

TIME | Quang Tri Outtakes

TIME Chuck Searcy 01

I just wanted to post a few outtakes from my recent TIME magazine assignment in Quang Tri, central Vietnam. It was only a two-page spread with two images used, but I spent a full two days shooting, and I got to see some pretty amazing things while on the job, including a bomb removal from a local village, a few stops at the homes of families who were being helped by Chuck’s programs, and a pretty awesome white phosphorous fireworks display in the middle of an empty stretch of sand near the coast. Here’s the story again, for those who missed it the first time around: War to Peace.

TIME Chuck Searcy 02
TIME Chuck Searcy 03
TIME Chuck Searcy 04
TIME Chuck Searcy 05
TIME Chuck Searcy 06

Tearsheets | TIME Magazine

TIME Chuck Searcy Profile Vietnam

I know there’s been a bit of relative radio silence on my end of this blog. Sorry about that. I’ve actually been quite busy, and a lot of my present projects are still unpublished as of now, which makes it difficult to write about what I’m working on. But one cool thing is that this story for TIME magazine just went to print. About a guy named Chuck Searcy, who’s doing some pretty amazing things down in Quang Tri province, one of the most heavily bombed areas of Vietnam during the Vietnam-American War. You can read the article, written by a good friend and great writer, David Stout, here: War to Peace. I’ll try to post some of the outtakes in the next few days as well. So until then.

South Africa Panorama

South Africa HOLGA-2

I just developed some old film from Cape Town, South Africa. I left it out for a few months, open to the sun and heat and humidity of northern Vietnam. So now all the numbers from the film paper have burned through and mold has started to grow on all of the images, giving them an aged, washed-out kind of feel. I like it for the few photographs from the trip that I like. Here’s a homemade panorama from the tip of the continent.

Tearsheets | Saigon for United Airlines


I love working on travel stories in Ho Chi Minh City, but I don’t get to do it nearly enough. So I was very excited when United Airlines contacted me about a piece they were doing on the southern metropolis a few months back–a pretty free-form, first-person narrative from a great writer/novelist in the US centered around the eventual adoption of his friend after being left on the banks of the Saigon river at the end of the Vietnam-American War. I got to spend three days just roaming the city and taking things in while taking my photographs. Kind of the perfect job. Here are the tearsheets from the piece, which I think look great, as well as some outtakes from the journey. You can read the story HERE. Or, if you have some time, check out my other published work on my site HERE.

United Airlines Saigon Travel Feature 02
A portrait of a concierge at the Caravelle Hotel in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
United Airlines Saigon Travel Feature 04
United Airlines Saigon Travel Feature 06
United Airlines Saigon Travel Feature 07
United Airlines Saigon Travel Feature 08

Tearsheets | Bai Tu Long Bay


A few months back I got to take a trip with a good friend and writer for Travel + Leisure Southeast Asia to Bai Tu Long Bay in northern Vietnam. Which is basically a lot like its really famous big brother Ha Long Bay, just a little smaller and slightly more out of the way. Same karst landscapes, same lime green waters, and unfortunately, at times, the same pollution problems the bigger bay has, apparently due to the international shipping lanes just beyond. Though if you can just look past the (maybe more than occasional) trash floating on by, it really is a majestic and awe-inspiring landscape. Highly recommended for a few nights of peaceful respite. Here’s the tearsheet and a few outtakes that didn’t make it into the story. Enjoy!

0514 AJS Bai Tu Long Bay Vietnam-458
0514 AJS Bai Tu Long Bay Vietnam-1


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