One Photograph | Cutud, Philippines

Good Friday

Blood soaks through the white jeans of a devotee walking the streets of Pampanga province in the Philippines as he whips his back with bamboo splinters in the heat of the midday sun to atone for sins real or imagined during Holy Week. So it goes.

The Christs of Cutud

Three Christs

I’m in Pampanga province in the Philippines, staying with a lovely older woman and a few writers, eating livers, lungs, vinegar-soaked chicken thighs, buckets of halo-halo, and more fried pork skins then I’d care to recall, waiting for tomorrow, April 18th, Good Friday, when the above three men will begin a slow march through the streets of this small town toward a low lying hill in an empty, sun-scorched lot, where there they’ll erect crosses and nail themselves to those crosses and be strung out to hang and endure and know the agonies and sacrifices of their Lord Jesus Christ before the prying and giddy and all-seeing eyes of some tens of thousands of spectators. Should be fun. More later.

NYT | Vietnam’s Best Pizza

New York Times Ho Chi Minh City Pizza 01
New York Times Ho Chi Minh City Pizza 02

I worked on a story last month for The New York Times about a Japanese-owned pizza joint in Ho Chi Minh City. It’s honestly probably the best pizza I’ve ever eaten. Anything I could possibly write about it here has already been written in the article. So here are just a few photo outtakes. You can (should) read the story here: In Vietnam, Pizza From Farm to Table.

Dusk in Phonsavan, Laos

Phongsavan Laos Landscape-1

I’m currently in Phonsavan, Laos with a great group of people, working on a pretty cool little assignment. I can’t say much about it at the moment, only that it’s always tough making things happen in a timely manner in far away locales, but it helps having a good team there with you. Laos is no exception, and Phonsavan takes the take-it-easy mentality of the rest of the country and really runs with it. And who knew, there are tons of Vietnamese living in this province, so I can actually communicate with some people. Who knew. The above photo is a Phonsavan cityscape at dusk. I liked the little figure in the doorway, dwarfed by the surrounding town and mountains.

Hanoi | Wall Street Journal

Hanoi Travel Wall Street Journal-1

I just finished up a great little shoot in Hanoi, Vietnam for The Wall Street Journal. A travel story centered around the capital’s split personality, its wonderful and often weird fusions of the past and present. The writer did a bang up job researching the piece, including some oft overlooked spots like Manzi and 54 traditions, among others. Here’s the article: Two Ways to see Hanoi.

The photographs here are just outtakes from the assignment, images I liked but didn’t make it into the final layout. The city’s been gray and overcast and raining for weeks now, so it was a definite challenge getting good photos. I could have done with some nicer light, some afternoon sun or something, but alas. We can’t always get what we want.

Hanoi Travel Wall Street Journal-2
Hanoi Travel Wall Street Journal-3
Hanoi Travel Wall Street Journal-4
Hanoi Travel Wall Street Journal-5
Hanoi Travel Wall Street Journal-6

Tearsheets | VICE Fightland & TIME

AJS Vice Magazine Thai Prison Fights-1

Last month a designer at Vice Magazine got in touch to ask about using one of my images for an advertisement for their Fightland series. They had previously filmed at Klong Prem, the same penitentiary I photographed for my Prison Fights story, so the connection made a lot of sense. I was able to get inside some of the cells and take portraits of the same prisoners they had filmed fighting in the ring. I’m super happy with how they treated the design; I think it looks great. The image above is a little before and after sequence.

You can also read more about these Prison Fights and see another of my photographs over at TIME. Here’s a link to the story: Prison Inmates in Thailand Fight Foreigners for Their Freedom. Good stuff.

Tearsheet | Selvedge Magazine

Aaron Joel Santos Sula Clothing-1

So on a much different note from my last post, here’s a recent tearsheet from Selvedge Magazine out of the UK. They were doing a cover story on Sula Clothing, a fashion house I work with a few times a year, and they ended up using one of my images from the SS2014 shoot for their cover. It’s always nice to see my photographs being used alongside great design.


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