Wedding Photographs from 2016


It’s funny, I never really think of myself as a wedding photographer, but over the course of every year I end up shooting a dozen or so around Southeast Asia. Mostly couples coming into Thailand & Vietnam from around the world, getting hitched on the beach or on some epic private villa’s sweeping lawn with the ocean as a backdrop. Could be worse. It’s tough for anyone to be in a bad mood on a tropical beach in the middle of Asia. So to celebrate the end of the year and to kind of recap this strange but wonderful little side business that sprung up out of nowhere a few years back, here are some images from the past 12 months. Give or take. From start to finish. Here’s to all of these amazing couples.


Bridal | Danang, Vietnam

0416 Jean & Chris Naman Resort Hoi An-24

Just a simple image from a wedding at the Naman Resort in Danang, Vietnam. A bride framed by palm trees and a distant sky on a clear sunny morning before a traditional Chinese tea ceremony. Simple. But sometimes that’s all you need.

Sneak Peek | Jules & Ce


I’m finally back from Nova Scotia after photographing the beautiful, moving, and all around fantastic wedding of wedding photographer Julian Wainwright. Tomorrow, I’ll be bringing all of my film to get developed at the lab and I’ll be sifting through thousands of images to try and find a few hundred that might possibly live up to the actual awesomeness of the day itself. It’s a tall order. And but so for now, here’s a simple image of Ce overlooking the sea and some other distant shores. Wedding dress by the inimitable Thao Vu over at Kilomet 109.

Summer Style | Nova Scotia

Jules & Ce-2

So I’m currently in Canada photographing the wedding of a good friend who just happens to be one of the best wedding photographers in all of Southeast Asia. So the pressure is on. And I was fine with it. I thought I had it in the bag. I thought I knew what to expect. And then they showed up in matching pastel paisley suits and skirts and well, things went haywire from there. I’m guessing that by tomorrow the Halifax boardwalk will be filled with poor imitations and one-offs. A big congrats to Jules & Ce. Now I should probably be packing my camera bag instead of writing this post.