Wedding Photographs from 2016


It’s funny, I never really think of myself as a wedding photographer, but over the course of every year I end up shooting a dozen or so around Southeast Asia. Mostly couples coming into Thailand & Vietnam from around the world, getting hitched on the beach or on some epic private villa’s sweeping lawn with the ocean as a backdrop. Could be worse. It’s tough for anyone to be in a bad mood on a tropical beach in the middle of Asia. So to celebrate the end of the year and to kind of recap this strange but wonderful little side business that sprung up out of nowhere a few years back, here are some images from the past 12 months. Give or take. From start to finish. Here’s to all of these amazing couples.


One Photo | Intercon Danang Wedding

0915 AJS Bonnie & Dom INTERCON-1762

So many stories from this one. It deserves a larger blog post, but for now, here’s just a quick look. Congrats to Bonnie and Dominic.

Beach Weddings in Southeast Asia

Wedding Tear Blog

Here’s a nice little tearsheet featuring some of my work, talking about beach weddings in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. Which are super fun. And which from this spread look like a walk in the park. But which from personal experience are actually far from that.

A friend of mine, and one of the more famous wedding photographers in the world, Ben Chrisman, once told me that he thought wedding photography was one of the truest forms of documentary photography. The stakes are as high as anything and there are no second takes. And you could die from a mortar attack at any moment. I mean, the chances of that last thing happening are probably next to none, but I feel like it would be careless to just completely discount it. Anyway. I agree with Ben. It can be one of the most stressful and rewarding kinds of work out there for photographers. But taking pictures of beautiful people in beautiful places? Everyone happy and having a great time? Alright fine. I’ll do it.

To see more of my wedding photography, visit my WEBSITE, and check out my portfolio and the work of my associates over at Mott Visuals Weddings. Don’t bother with that Chrisman guy up there. He’s an asshole.

Just kidding. He shot my wedding last year, and I’ll never look that good again. And I’m still waiting for him and his wife to visit Vietnam.

They Shoot Weddings, Don’t They

It’s been a long year, in the best possible way. I’ve been busy these past few weeks shooting for a couple of newspapers, getting my year-end slideshow together and helping The Word magazine compile its Year in Rewind lists. That’s what December has become: a month of nostalgia. Best photos of the year, best music of the year, biggest news stories of the year, people of the year, things we miss this year, things we want to see next year, etc. It can be a bit dizzying. But I get caught up in it as well. It helps categorize life. And it helps us move on to next year. Plus, I like to reminisce.

Which brings me to one of the many cool things I did this year. I started a small wedding photography company with another photographer here in Vietnam. It’s called Esian Wedding Photography. It’s me and Justin Mott. The above images are from a recent engagement and wedding we shot at the Intercontinental Hotel here in Hanoi. We’re just getting ourselves off the ground and running and we’re looking forward to 2011. ‘Wedding’ used to be a dirty word for editorial and documentary photographers. I’m glad that point of view is changing. We’re all moving on and up.