India | Tearsheets from Kerala

Some tearsheets from a recent trip to Kerala, India, where I spent a few weeks traveling across the state for a story on the cuisine and culture of the region. From the backwaters of Alleppey to the mountainous tea plantations of Munnar and most places in between. I’ll post some of the outtakes in a separate blog, so it’s just these simple layouts for now. Thanks to Travel+Leisure Southeast Asia for the beautiful design.

Singapore | Selamta Magazine

A few months back, I traveled to Singapore to photograph a big travel story for Selamta Magazine–the inflight publication for Ethiopian Airlines. I got to run around and see amazing things, meet fantastic people, and eat more than a few world-class meals. Pretty much the perfect assignment. And then to boot, the story design and layout looked absolutely beautiful in the final magazine. So thanks to everyone over at Selamta for treating my images and the writer’s piece with such care and respect. I love seeing something come together like this. Here are the tear sheets. I’ll post some outtakes and a more detailed account of my travels in Singapore in a few days. So for now.

Tearsheets | Goa, India

AJS Endless Vacation Goa India-1
AJS Endless Vacation Goa India-2
AJS Endless Vacation Goa India-3

Sometimes the hardest thing about working on a great story is having to wait for the article to be published. I traveled to Goa in early January of this year–one of my first assignments for 2016–knowing at the time that the piece wouldn’t see the light of day until summer. It was a difficult one to sit on. I had a great time touring through the state, and even managed to stretch the trip to get a little vacation in. You can read the article over at Endless Vacation. A big thanks to everyone involved for helping create such a great looking and well-written story. I’ll post some outtakes and alternate photos soon. Until then.

Tearsheets | Kyushu, Japan

Kyushu Japan-1
Kyushu Japan-2
Kyushu Japan-3
Kyushu Japan-4

A few months ago, I traveled to Japan to ride one of the world’s most luxurious boutique trains for a few nights across the southernmost island of Kyushu. Pretty much the most amazingly spoiled rotten thing I’ve ever done in my life. I was taking pictures for a story about the train and the island overall. We visited Mount Aso, Nagasaki, that abandoned mining island where some scenes from James Bond were filmed a few years back, Fukuoka, and a handful of small onsen towns as well. Basically a week’s worth of work that felt like anything but a week’s worth of work. Which is arguably how all jobs should feel. Here are the tearsheets from the magazine. I’ll post some outtakes soon as well. Until then.

Tearsheets | Coconuts in Koh Samui

0000 Koh Samui Tearsheets 01

Last month, amidst a flurry of assignments in major metropolises across Asia, I was sent to Koh Samui in southern Thailand for Fah Thai Magazine for a few days of relative peace and calm to photograph the myriad ways the humble coconut is used in cooking, medicine, and daily life on the island. It was a nice respite. Almost a vacation of sorts. I simply rented a motorbike and drove around with my camera for three days, trying to cover as much ground as possible. INK Global is one of my favorite clients, and this job was a good example of why I love working with them so much–a fun story in a great location with beautiful design in the final publication. I’ll be back soon with some outtakes from my time on the island. But for now, here’s the spread.

0000 Koh Samui Tearsheets 02
0000 Koh Samui Tearsheets 03
0000 Koh Samui Tearsheets 04
0000 Koh Samui Tearsheets 05