Tearsheet | Fah Thai Magazine

Fah Thai Cover NOV-DEC 2014 FINAL.indd

I’ve worked with various titles at INK Publishing for a few years now, and I’m always super excited to see the layouts and tearsheets when they go to print. Here’s a recent one from Fah Thai magazine, for a story about the Phare Circus in Cambodia.

Tearsheets | Phare Circus in Cambodia

Phare Circus Siem Reap Tearsheets-1
Phare Circus Siem Reap Tearsheets-2
Phare Circus Siem Reap Tearsheets-3

At the end of last year I had a chance to travel to Siem Reap, Cambodia, to catch a few shows and go behind the scenes of the newly-opened Phare Circus. The circus originated in Battambang, a bit up country from the famed Angkor Wat locale, but with its success, it soon migrated and opened a second branch. While I was in town–on assignment for Silkwinds Magazine out of Singapore–the performers made several journeys to the town center to raise interest in the show, and we also made it out to the temples for a few action shots. Above are the tearsheets, which look amazing. Though trust me, it’s way better in person.

Cambodia | On Beauty & Beasts

I’m still digesting my last 10 days in Cambodia. It’s a country that inspires a special kind of love, sadness, and acute hatred for recent history. From Tuol Sleng prison and the killing fields of Choeung Ek to the ancient ruins of Beng Mealea and Angkor Wat and all the roads in between, it’s a place of vast contrast and beauty and terror. The nation’s past echoes loudly from the empty classrooms of S-21, where thousands of Cambodians were tortured and killed from 1975-1979, as well as from the great carved corridors of Angkor Thom and the 900-year-old Bayon, with its army of passive stone faces forever looking out to some other distant horizon. There’s a kind of mysticism here that can only be borne out of history and tragedy. It’s a land of giants and harsh reverberations, of dusty countrysides and naked children and mass tourism to the temples outside of Siem Reap (but hardly anywhere else). These photographs are just tiny fragments. Snapshots really. The whole story would take so much longer.