Hotel Noir

Documentary Hotel Noir 01

Sometimes, when the days are long and the edits longer and the weight of so many assignments feels heavy and never-ending and my work falls into an inefficient haze, I like to take a step back and refocus my energy and look at old work paired with new work and forgotten frames and sometimes, just sometimes, this method of refocusing yields fun and interesting and odd results. Like noticing that with a little creative editing, some of my previous hotel and resort shoots take on a bit of a film noir air. A kind of grim bleakness which stands in stark contrast to the idyllic locales and pampered states where most of these places actually exist. It’s a fun way of looking at your own photography, through this warped and cracked and backwards looking glass.

A view over Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam from Bitexco Tower.
Documentary Hotel Noir 03
Hotels, Resorts, Spas & Restaurants in Southeast Asia
Documentary Hotel Noir 05
A man looks over a landscape in Con Dao, Vietnam.
Prisons, Fishing & Paradise
Early morning at Song Saa resort in southern Cambodia.
Prisons, Fishing & Paradise
Hotels, Resorts, Spas & Restaurants in Southeast Asia
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Wedding Photography | Danang, Vietnam

MV Intercon Wedding EDIT-4

The Intercon Sun Peninsula Resort in Danang, Vietnam might be one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. And I’ve been a lot of places. I had the pleasure of shooting a wedding there this past weekend as part of the Mott Visuals Weddings team. A gorgeous property, a stunning bride, and a moving ceremony. I would have had to work hard to not get good photographs. Here’s a few selections from the day. Now I just need to figure out a way to get back as soon as possible.

MV Intercon Wedding EDIT-8
MV Intercon Wedding EDIT-14
MV Intercon Wedding EDIT-15
MV Intercon Wedding EDIT-19
MV Intercon Wedding EDIT-23
MV Intercon Wedding EDIT-26
MV Intercon Wedding EDIT-32
MV Intercon Wedding EDIT-35
MV Intercon Wedding EDIT-41
MV Intercon Wedding EDIT-47

Con Dao: All Good Things Must End

I’ve been on Con Dao island for the past five days, working several different jobs and having an amazing time, despite being up pre-dawn every single morning and pulling 18-hour days the entire trip. That’s not complaining. If you ever have to work an 18-hour day, there’s hardly a place I could recommend it more. I stayed at the recently-opened Six Senses Resort. Go. It’s so worth it. I promise.

I’m in the Ho Chi Minh City airport now awaiting a flight out of town, to Danang, straight to some other jobs along the central coast. Nothing as glamorous as this, but it feels really good to be busy. More photos and stories later.