Tearsheets: Ha Giang Portfolio

It’s always nice to see some personal work end up in print. These images from Ha Giang Province in northern Vietnam were recently shown across eight pages in Travel + Leisure Southeast Asia. Telling editors about new work almost always pays off, in one way or another.

11 Photographs from 2010

There’s not much to say here. Or maybe there’s a lot to say. It’s getting on to the end of the year. So here are 11 photographs I took in 2010. A match and one to grow on. A nice way to repackage the past 12 months and to stop looking backwards and go forth. It was a fun year.

The last six months or so marked the first time I was able to begin supporting myself solely on my photography. I traveled a lot. More than I ever thought I would. Across Vietnam and to Singapore, Laos, Thailand, Japan and the US. I worked a lot, too. For newspapers, magazines, commercial clients and more. I started a wedding photography company. My work appeared in one large gallery show and in several charity auctions. But I also lost a lot of jobs and learned a lot of hard lessons. Or I’m trying to learn those hard lessons. I’m dense and some things don’t sink in so easily. So here’s to 2010. And 2011 and beyond.