Three Polaroids | Hanoi, Vietnam

1213 AJS Impossible Polaroid Sula SS2014 6

Just a few test images from a recent fashion shoot in Hanoi, Vietnam. I’ll finish up the job sometime in January, after the new year and a few other jobs in Hoi An and Bangkok. For now though, I’m enjoying the soft lines, warm tones, and inherent faults in the film I’m using. So Yeah. Happy New Year to everyone. May your nights be filled with wine and roses and drunken toasts.

Three Polaroids | Hanoi, Vietnam

DOMI Polaroids

Three little scenes from a recent fashion shoot in Hanoi, Vietnam. Trying out some new ideas. Searching the city for some new inspiration. I found an old abandoned bus in a rice field in the suburbs. We also made our way to a factory rooftop and a few short-time motels for some grit and grime to offset the pure white outfits we were photographing. Many thanks to Domi for trusting me to pull something together from half a world away, and to Trang Pham, one of my favorite models to work with anywhere in the world.

Sneak Peak | Fashion Shoot in Hanoi

I’ve been a bad blogger of late. And it’s not for lack of content to post, but rather for an excess of topics I’d like to talk about. I’m overwhelmed. Which I admit happens pretty easily most days. I’ve been traveling between Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and Dalat for the past week, scouting and prepping for a big ad shoot with Noi Pictures. After which I’ll go straight to Ke Ga and the Princess D’annam Resort with Justin Mott and Esian Wedding Photography for another job. Then it’s off to India to attend one of my best friend’s weddings in New Delhi. Lastly, I’ll take a short vacation in Sri Lanka and decompress before I get married at the end of May. It’s kind of exhausting just typing it all out. And exciting.

So anyway: here’s something. From a fashion shoot two days ago in Hanoi, Vietnam. I brought along some instant film, and played around a bit for a few of the photographs. The shot above is taken from the part of the film that most people throw away–the reverse image that prints and then kind of fades away after you pull the paper apart. I really like the look. But the trick is to photograph or scan the image before it disappears. Otherwise, you’re out of luck. Thanks to Lucie and Dara, the designer and model, for entertaining my whims and making it a great shoot. More later. Hopefully lots.