Hanoi for The New York Times

0116 AJS Hanoi Party Congress-94

I don’t spend much time in Hanoi anymore, but it still feels like home whenever I’m back. Or as much like home as a place that is 100% definitely not your home can feel. But I guess Hanoi feels like home in that way that home always feels familiar, coming back to it. Something maybe kind of wells up inside of you. Looming communist structures start to feel almost intimate. Street scenes become familiar tableaus. The sounds of morning exercises and blaring loudspeakers are no longer jarring. So it’s always nice to be back, as I was a few weeks back for an assignment with The New York Times, on the then-upcoming 12th Communist Party Congress. Here are some images from the story as well as a few outtakes that didn’t make it to the final piece.

0116 AJS Hanoi Party Congress-225
0116 AJS Hanoi Party Congress-709
0116 AJS Hanoi Party Congress-964
Early morning along West Lake in Hanoi, Vietnam.

NYT | Chinese Tourism in Vietnam

AJS Chinese Tourism Danang

A few weeks back, I shot a really interesting story with Mike Ives (among the top writers in this region in my opinion) about the drop offs in Chinese tourism in central Vietnam. We spent a few days in Danang speaking with tourism officials, hotel managers, and the handful of Chinese businessmen we could find. What was just a few months ago a city with a heavy reliance on tours from all over China, has now seen nearly 100% of those tours cancel, and hotels are reeling and travel agencies are wondering what the future holds. And I’m wasting my time writing anything about it, when really you should just be reading the article (and watching the slideshow): China Tensions Choke Off Tourism to Vietnam.

NYT | Guardians of Nature

0214 AJS NYT Dalat Farmers PES-765

A few months back I worked on a story with Mike Ives, a writer for The New York Times, about a Payments for Ecosystems program in the central Vietnam province of Lam Dong. It was a fun few days, and a great story as well. Who doesn’t like riding a motorbike through mountain passes and hills in the cool highlands of Southeast Asia? Read what is absolutely 100% more interesting than anything I could possibly say about the subject here: PES Vietnam.

0214 AJS NYT Dalat Farmers PES-810
0214 AJS NYT Dalat Farmers PES-197
0214 AJS NYT Dalat Farmers PES-413
0214 AJS NYT Dalat Farmers PES-980

NYT | Vietnam’s Best Pizza

New York Times Ho Chi Minh City Pizza 01
New York Times Ho Chi Minh City Pizza 02

I worked on a story last month for The New York Times about a Japanese-owned pizza joint in Ho Chi Minh City. It’s honestly probably the best pizza I’ve ever eaten. Anything I could possibly write about it here has already been written in the article. So here are just a few photo outtakes. You can (should) read the story here: In Vietnam, Pizza From Farm to Table.

On Assignment | New York Times

EU-Vietnam Trade Talks Aaron Joel Santos 01

Last week I had a chance to visit a clothing factory on the outskirts of Saigon for a story on ongoing trade talks between the EU and Vietnam, centering around rules of origin for apparel companies. Basically, trying to change when clothing can say “Made in Vietnam” and when it can’t. Currently, most clothing worn in the western world is made/assembled in Vietnam, but when some fabrics are purchased outside of the country, the rules of origin can get a bit hazy. Like if a fabric is purchased in China but assembled in Vietnam, it can’t always say “Made in Vietnam”. Is at least my understanding of it. Which is admittedly vague at best. For a better summing up, it’s probably best to read the article, HERE. These photographs are excerpts from my time at the clothing factory in Saigon.

EU-Vietnam Trade Talks Aaron Joel Santos 02
EU-Vietnam Trade Talks Aaron Joel Santos 03
EU-Vietnam Trade Talks Aaron Joel Santos 04
EU-Vietnam Trade Talks Aaron Joel Santos 05
EU-Vietnam Trade Talks Aaron Joel Santos 06