Nowhere in Scotland

Scotland Journeys-5
Scotland Journeys-7
Scotland Journeys-3

Just a few images from the Scottish Highlands along the western coast during a road trip with some friends. Grainy lonely desolate landscapes that lead nowhere and everywhere and take their time doing so. It’s insanely beautiful here. But winter is coming so I won’t be staying much longer.

Sneak Peak | Mai Chau, Vietnam

SULA AW2014-2

I’m just back from an amazing time on assignment for Sula Clothing’s AW2014 collection. We went to Mai Chau, in the mountains and valleys of northern Vietnam. Time and again, Alison and co. prove to be among my favorite clients–always willing to try new things and travel to new places and take risks that usually, but not always, pan out. Here’s one picture from the trip. With many more to come. Buy her clothes HERE. They’re gorgeous.

Bai Tu Long Bay | Vietnam

Bai Tu Long-1

Just a simple image from Bai Tu Long Bay, in the Gulf of Tonkin in northern Vietnam, a little ways past the famed and fabled karst landscapes of Ha Long Bay. It’s quieter there, in Bai Tu Long, though not much different overall at all. Further away, maybe. Which is always nice in such a crowded world. From where we dropped anchor you could see large tankers sitting idle in the distant shipping lanes past the small rocks dotting the watery landscape. At night their lights would bleed through and brighten the shadowy limestone boulders pushing through the gulf. So that’s what happened here, in this photo.

Website Updates & More

Hand Over Hong Kong-1

It’s been a great, busy start to the New Year. I’m just back from a short vacation with friends, and currently in Bangkok working on a few stories and hopefully meeting a potential new fixer for future trips. I have a bag full of film that needs processing, and I may even find my way to a record store or two while in town. Who knows.

The above image is from the top of the W Hotel in Kowloon, Hong Kong, where I was just a few months back working on a large story with a very large US company. We were all taking an afternoon break on the roof deck, and someone put their hand on the glass wall overlooking the epic cityscape below. I really like the image. It’s simple and graphic, with just enough strangeness.

Over my short vacation with friends, I updated my main website, Aaron Joel Santos Photography. All of the galleries are side scrolling now, which is something I’ve always loved. I think it gives more context to the images. I’ve also just generally updated all the sections. So take a minute, or five, and have a look.

Animals & Landscapes | Kenya

I’m just off a near-30-hour flight from Nairobi to Washington DC, so this will be short. And hopefully coherent. I’ve spent the past two weeks traveling through Kenya on my honeymoon, and I’m just starting to edit through some of the photographs I took during the trip. It was my honeymoon, so photography took a back seat to relaxation, reading, drinking wine, and generally not keeping a schedule of anyone or anything. But of course, I had my camera on me most of the time. And of course, some pictures literally just kind of walked out in front of me. So here are some animals in their natural environments. Sometimes obvious and sometimes more hidden. Like they do. More later. After a few naps.