Travel Outtakes | Mission to Burma 04

So I’ve been without reliable internet for most of the past week. Traveling through Myanmar, from Mandalay to Nyaungshwe to Kengtung and, finally, to Yangon. Where I sit. At the Traders Hotel. Drinking a Bloody Mary and using their internet and generally taking a much needed break from everything. I’m still gathering my thoughts about all the places I’ve been and the things I’ve seen and the country in general. But for now, here are some photo outtakes from the past few days. It’s all I can manage.

A fisherman in Amarapura. A gathering of novice monks in Sagaing. A crowded bus and a lone boy in Mandalay. Fried crickets at the market. Ancient temples on mountainsides. Riding a boat into Inle Lake. A market scene in Nyaungshwe. Watermelons at rest. Morning alms in Kengtung. And a man climbing an extremely tall tree. Simple.