Simple in Sicily


I got a few rolls of film developed from a recent trip to Sicily, where I shot the SS2017 collection for Sula Clothing. These are just a few simple scenes from walking around Catania. Churches, alleys, and laundry. Not much more.

Sicily | Sula SS2017


I’ve spent the last week flitting between villas in Catania and Siracusa on the eastern coast of Sicily in southern Italy, taking photographs for an upcoming Spring/Summer collection with Sula Clothing. I’d spend another week here if I could, but for now it’s back to Bangkok and whatever news awaits me there. Here are a few images from the shoot.


Sketches from Italy

I recently spent the better half of two weeks in Italy. Mostly in Rome and northern Lazio and Umbria, with a brief touch of Tuscany. It was pure, unadulterated vacation. I read books and cooked in an outdoor pizza oven in a villa in the middle of nowhere. I kicked a football in a wide open field. I rode a swing attached to a really big tree. I swam in a lake. It was cold. I saw lots of things and took some pictures. Some pretty, some boring, some others. All with my new Rolleiflex TLR. It was great. These are a few.