Travel Photography | Central Vietnam


One of my first assignments of the year brought me back to a well-worn path between Hue and Hoi An for a few travel stories in central Vietnam. I can’t count how many times I’ve worked in that region, but it really never gets old. It has history and UNESCO-recognized heritage sites, some of the best food in the country, great beaches and mountains and villages, and much, much more. There’s always something new to discover. Here are a few images from my recent journey–photographs from Hue, Hoi An, and Danang.


Travel Photographs | Hoi An, Vietnam

It’s really difficult to take a photograph that hasn’t already been taken in Hoi An. It’s probably the most popular tourist destination in all of Vietnam. And with pretty good reason. Though it’s never really been my favorite place (and I’ve certainly vented about it before), it is starting to grow on me–just the ever slightest little bit. This last trip, back in June, was maybe by far my favorite. Maybe I’ve just come to expect certain annoyances, or maybe the town really is getting better. Who knows. Maybe I just spent less time in the ancient town this time around, and thereby less time being harassed by motorbike drivers, overnight tailors, excitable tour operators, and the like. Anyway. Here are some photographs from the travel story I was working on.

Sneak Peak | Hoi An Travel Story

I was in Hoi An in central Vietnam for a few days last week working on a travel assignment. I shot about 80% of the story with the new Fuji X-Pro1. So I’ll probably use the experience to write a review of the camera after the piece goes to print in July. But for now, here’s an outtake from An Bang beach. As much as I want this image to be the opening spread, I don’t think my editor is going to go for it.

Central Vietnam: My Stormy Weather

I’ve been down in Danang in central Vietnam for the past few days working on a bit of a strange travel piece. Or rather a completely normal travel piece that has had its fair share of strangeness applied. Whatever. It doesn’t matter. I drove to Hoi An briefly today to scope out a few locations, all in the pouring rain. The storm clouds were moving in yesterday so I knew it was coming. Then while walking around the old town the drizzling stopped for a few minutes and I took a few photographs. All in all not the best day I’ve ever had, but I did manage to get a few things sorted out. Despite some vengeful god’s best efforts. The above two images are just throwaways, nothing more or less. And sometimes that’s OK. Farewell fair Danang. I’ll be seeing you again soon enough I’m sure.

In Danang, Vietnam

I’ll be in Danang in central Vietnam for the latter half of this week photographing a travel story and pondering life on the shores of China Beach. Weather permitting for the latter. More likely I’ll be running around like a madman with my camera from dawn to dusk. Which is also fun. Marble Mountains, Son Tra Peninsula, Ba Na Hill Station? Oh you know it. More upon arrival/return.