Sneak Peak | Singapore Wedding

Ernita Preview BLOG-1

This past weekend I had the great honor to photograph a two-day Malay Muslim wedding in Singapore. Vibrant colors, beautiful people, and friendly families–plus about 12 too many servings of beef rendang–all combined to make it one of the more memorable ceremonies I’ve ever attended. Here’s a quick shot of the bride’s hands, folded in prayer, during the solemnization on the first day. More later. When life gets less busy.

India Wedding | Chris & Shruti

I’m in India right now attending one of my oldest and best friend’s weddings. It’s my second time to the country, and I can easily say that it won’t be my last. Not by a long shot. I love it here. It’s chaotic, beautiful, charming, colorful, friendly, and confusing. It’s everything, all at once and all the time. A non-stop assault on your senses. There’s this kind of excitement and energy in every little thing. There’s no moderation. It’s all or nothing.

The above is a picture of the bride’s hands, after her henna party. The groom’s name has been written into the designs. The celebrations couldn’t have been more fun. So here’s to them and the future and all that jazz. Congratulations! I’ll meet you both in India whenever you want.