Ha Giang | Northern Vietnam

Ha Giang Vietnam B&W 01

A few images I just got developed from the frontier lands of northern Vietnam, in Ha Giang province. This was my third trip to the region, which is one of the most remote areas in all of Vietnam and home to some of the most beautiful landscapes in Asia, in this humble photographer’s opinion. Anyway. Check out my website to see more of my ongoing work from Ha Giang and the ethnic minorities that comprise the bulk of the population there. Or, you know, whatever.

Ha Giang Vietnam B&W 02
Ha Giang Vietnam B&W 03
Ha Giang Vietnam B&W 04
Ha Giang Vietnam B&W 05
Ha Giang Vietnam B&W 06

South Africa Panorama

South Africa HOLGA-2

I just developed some old film from Cape Town, South Africa. I left it out for a few months, open to the sun and heat and humidity of northern Vietnam. So now all the numbers from the film paper have burned through and mold has started to grow on all of the images, giving them an aged, washed-out kind of feel. I like it for the few photographs from the trip that I like. Here’s a homemade panorama from the tip of the continent.

Myanmar Squared

Myanmar Beach Monks-1

I love forgetting about things. I end up shooting a lot of film on my travels, then putting the spent rolls in strange places, losing them for weeks, months, and years at a time. So it’s always an adventure when I find them and have them developed. My most recent finds are from the middle of last year, while I was traveling in China, North Korea, and Myanmar. The above image is from Chaungtha Beach, about five hours from Yangon, in Myanmar. While walking along the sand one day, I came across a group of nuns collecting shells and enjoying the afternoon sun close to a nearby temple. Simple. Peaceful. And a nice thing to find lying around, waiting to be discovered.

Fashion Photography | Testing Film

sula fashion film 4x5-1

I finally found a lab to develop color 4×5 in Bangkok. So hopefully this will push me to shoot more of it. It’s been a slow intro into 2014 for the blog, but that should change soon enough. Lots of interesting things afoot. A few exciting new projects in the works, and hopefully some revisiting of old stories left alone for way too long. For now, here are two recent images for a fashion campaign for Sula Clothing’s SS2014 line.