Sneak Peak | Morning Yoga

AJS Danang Village Premier Resort SAMPLES-2

From a recent shoot at a luxury resort in central Vietnam. Morning sun bursts and yoga on the beach. There are way worse things to see and not see at 5am.

M Club | Intercon Sun Peninsula

0514 AJS M Club Intercon Opening-527

Here’s to Vietnam’s newest, strangest, most remote, and most luxurious opening night: The M Club at the Intercon Sun Peninsula resort in Danang, Vietnam. I’ve gotta hand it to a team that hires me and basically says, do whatever you want for however long you want, and give us some creative, unique images. And then proceeds to hand me and the rest of the guys a bottle of Tanqueray gin for our troubles. Of which there were none. Negative none. Just lots of actors, actresses, models, TV personalities, probably really rich people, random famous people, singers, Ukrainian pole dancers, and a hip-hop crew or two. Plus lasers. Because who has a club without lasers.

One Photograph | Intercon Danang

Olga Samples-7

Just a quick image from a recent shoot at the Intercon Sun Peninsula in Danang, Vietnam. Probably one of the most epic resorts I’ve ever been to. That’s really all for now. Back to the editing board.

Travel Snapshots | Danang, Vietnam

Danang Vietnam Travel Photography-1
Danang Vietnam Travel Photography-5

Just a few snapshots from central Vietnam–Danang and Hoi An and the surrounding beaches and countrysides. I’ve been here for a couple of days editing photos and relaxing near the water, waiting for another job to begin, staying away from the storms that are currently hitting Hanoi. It’s such a beautiful part of the country. I’m glad to be spending a few extra days here.

Wedding Photography | Danang, Vietnam

MV Intercon Wedding EDIT-4

The Intercon Sun Peninsula Resort in Danang, Vietnam might be one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. And I’ve been a lot of places. I had the pleasure of shooting a wedding there this past weekend as part of the Mott Visuals Weddings team. A gorgeous property, a stunning bride, and a moving ceremony. I would have had to work hard to not get good photographs. Here’s a few selections from the day. Now I just need to figure out a way to get back as soon as possible.

MV Intercon Wedding EDIT-8
MV Intercon Wedding EDIT-14
MV Intercon Wedding EDIT-15
MV Intercon Wedding EDIT-19
MV Intercon Wedding EDIT-23
MV Intercon Wedding EDIT-26
MV Intercon Wedding EDIT-32
MV Intercon Wedding EDIT-35
MV Intercon Wedding EDIT-41
MV Intercon Wedding EDIT-47