Things in Hong Kong

As an addendum to my Things in Japan post, here’s another small little photo essay from Hong Kong. I’ve been enjoying walking around more in the cities I travel to. I used to do nothing but walk, but I’ve lived in Asia for 10 years now and things start to normalize after a while. You lose your sense of wonder and become detached. You watch more television and instead of going and exploring, you sit in front of your computer and answer emails and worry about your income over the next three months. The small things that gave you pause now feel simple and routine. These aren’t good ways to be. So there’s always this push and pull with creativity. You’re always battling yourself and your own worst impulses. So in Hong Kong I walked. Sometimes I would end up in familiar neighborhoods, and at other times I would find myself in a completely new area of the city. I tried not to check my phone. I tried to just wander, with the thought that if I found what I was looking for, then great. If not, then great. So here are a few quick images. Simple things. I was looking at patterns and density with small glimpses of respite within. Nothing much more.

6 thoughts on “Things in Hong Kong”

  1. Hey Aaron

    Thanks for sharing these…beautiful and inspiring.

    If you’re ever over this side, let’s hook up in Edinburgh to do the same

    Very best

  2. Simple things, we are all looking for inspiration in simple little things: maybe, that’s the meaning of life!
    Your shots are impressive 🙂

  3. “you sit in front of your computer and answer emails and worry about your income over the next three months.” I feel you.

  4. I love your photos.. I love walking around places and one of the things I find about living in Bangkok is that even if I have been to a place before I always see something new 🙂 But there are also times when I feel exactly like you described. Have a great day 🙂

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