Things in Japan

There’s something satisfying about walking around a city with nowhere to go and nowhere to be, no time to adhere to. Just a small camera slung over your shoulder as you explore the nooks and crannies and alleys and get lost in the mazes of downtowns the world over. It had been a while since I’d done that. Just walked. And so while on assignment in Kansai prefecture in Japan, I did just that. I was there shooting a piece on the Northern Soul revival in Kobe, but I spent a few days in Osaka as well, rummaging through record stores and drinking in basement bars and stuffing myself full of ramen. I made it a point to go out every afternoon and just walk with my camera and take photos of all the little things I often pass without a second glance. And while none of these frames will be hanging in the Whitney, they do come together quite nicely to paint a portrait of a city and country–one that’s colorful and chaotic and calm all at once. It was nice, and made me want to go out more often. So that’s nice.

5 thoughts on “Things in Japan”

  1. Great peek into the city streetscape. I haven’t been there and it captures a cheery sense hustle and bustle. The colours also sing of a culture that bursts through every image.

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