Fashion in the UK

I’ve spent more time recently moving back to films in a continued effort to slow down and consider what I’m doing instead of just spraying thousands of frames and editing to get the best of the bunch. I don’t post as much as I used to because I haven’t been shooting outside of assignments for a while now. But I’m slowly getting back there, and it’s a nice path. I’m just trying to figure out how to navigate it in my own way. Without guideposts or hashtags. Digging into the crevices. Finding what’s left of what used to be a very tactile medium. Here are a few Polaroids from a recent fashion shoot with Sula Clothing in the UK just outside of Brighton. The sun was warm and the barley fields were swaying lovingly in the wind. The clothes were gorgeous and the model was amazing and for a few days there everything was right with the world.

3 thoughts on “Fashion in the UK”

  1. How do you come about these days with all the widely accessible technology and post processing softwares which literally allows almost anyone with some knowledge in photography, coordination to get the photography jobs? It kind of bugs me when people can compare and demand the exact results from stock that’s often above the paid grade, or tremendous amount of time and attempt. I have sprayed my first few thousand shots 2 months ago by taking away most of my own vision for the paid submission. I kept questioning what’s my role in this. Working through a few parties/handlers can be very exhausting.

    I think analogue or even instant photography is the truest result of what photographer wants out from a captured scene in which I appreciate even more so after some exposure to the commercial world. Digital is a lot like defeating the purpose of photography.

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