Everything Went Black | Bangkok, Thailand

King Bhumibol Adulyadej, Rama IX, died a few days ago in his hospital bed in Bangkok, Thailand. I’d just arrived back in town and was immediately sent out by the news wires to cover the events. Crowds wore black and lined the streets to pay their last respects on Friday as a procession took the late monarch from Siriraj Hospital to the Grand Palace. I only managed to catch a small glimpse of the proceedings, which were overwhelming and emotional and grief filled. I don’t really have the words or knowledge to describe the king’s life and the current state of the Thai people, so here are two articles that do a better job than I ever could: an overview and obituary by The New York Times and a nice and thoughtful piece from The Straights Times as well. I’m posting these pics in black & white as a sign of respect and solidarity. Thailand isn’t my home, but it’s a beautiful and deep and complicated country, and I wish only the best for it moving forward.

37 Comments on “Everything Went Black | Bangkok, Thailand

  1. It was a sad news. Thai people loved their king. Hope the new king will be a great monarch.
    Impressive shots!

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  3. I got the impression you did not know this person, rather you knew of him. Let me ask you this – are you a journelist?

  4. Intense photos. Well captured.

  5. Having spent a fair bit of time in Bangkok (visa runs, travels through), I’m always struck by the constant stream of dazzling colors, sounds and sights. Your photos are particularly arresting because, in B&W, they silence normally-overstimulated senses. Beautiful.

  6. It’s a great tribute especially to those who actually did what they were called to do. Great shot from you though…

  7. It is amazing ! A spontaneous gathering of crowd for a sovereign who ruled the country for more than seventy years !

  8. It’s very sad, but nice blog though

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  10. Sad 😢 and so intense. Everyone coming together in times of need.

  11. nice! picture tells a thousands word.

  12. loved their “king” because since birth… they are programmed to do so. totally UN-earned respect is what the steeple masses of this planet seem apt at giving… especially subservient Asian culture.

  13. Hi there. I send my deep condolences for all of Thai citizens. I am so curious of what is happening right now around Thailand. I even heard that many tourism places are closed, and people is encouraged to wear somber clothes. So emotional :’)

  14. Fantastic pictures that do as great a job as any article could in describing the situations and the feelings of the people. Incredible how Monarchs have a way of affecting millions, even in this highly changed 21st century.

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  16. I have great respect for the institution of monarchy and the Thai monarchy did great things for the Thai people – it kept order in times of turbulence.

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  18. what an intense period in time- moment in history- to be spending in bangkok. looking forward to seeing the rest for myself in a couple of months. beautiful pictures!

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