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In an effort to make this blog a bit more dynamic and active, I’m going to start a new periodic series of posts, looking back at past work and stories and assignments. Ideally, these new posts won’t just be a way to fill space though. I’ll try to look at my old work through fresh eyes, find alternate takes and unused images, and delve a bit deeper into the stories and circumstances surrounding them. Each will be marked as Archived Footage. There won’t be any structure or reason to the way they’re posted, but I’ll be looking at the beginning of my career, starting in 2009, up to my most recent work, when applicable. I’ll include editorial, documentary, and commercial jobs, along with some of the personal projects I’ve worked on along the way. So yeah. More soon.

8 thoughts on “Archival Footage | Overture”

  1. Not everyone get to read a followed photographer’s published work on various online/printed media. Readers like me would love to see more!

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