Uni Fishing in Hokkaido

A few weeks ago, I had the chance to travel to the Shakotan Peninsula in Hokkaido, Japan to photograph sea urchin fishermen and the dishes that local restaurants are creating with the unique delicacy. I traveled from Sapporo to Otaru, and from Bikuni to Hakodate, shooting craggy, rock-strewn seascapes, chefs at well-known sushi haunts, uni straight from the water, and scenes of local life in all of the small towns along the way. Here are some of the outtakes from the trip. Visit my website for more travel photographs from across Asia.

12 thoughts on “Uni Fishing in Hokkaido”

  1. Hey, amazing photographs, very captivating! 🙂
    Your pictures make me want to visit Japan!
    Take care, and thanks for such a beautiful visual treat..


  2. I wish I had gotten out to visit these smaller towns of japan in my visit. It has to be one of my favorite countries – and I would like to return. Love your photos as well 🙂

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