Ha Giang | Northern Vietnam

Ha Giang Vietnam B&W 01

A few images I just got developed from the frontier lands of northern Vietnam, in Ha Giang province. This was my third trip to the region, which is one of the most remote areas in all of Vietnam and home to some of the most beautiful landscapes in Asia, in this humble photographer’s opinion. Anyway. Check out my website to see more of my ongoing work from Ha Giang and the ethnic minorities that comprise the bulk of the population there. Or, you know, whatever.

Ha Giang Vietnam B&W 02
Ha Giang Vietnam B&W 03
Ha Giang Vietnam B&W 04
Ha Giang Vietnam B&W 05
Ha Giang Vietnam B&W 06

8 thoughts on “Ha Giang | Northern Vietnam”

  1. These photos are so beautiful! Love them so much! Very confronting too…

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