Where the Wild Things Are

Singapore Zoo-1

I spent a relaxing afternoon at the Singapore Zoo recently. And since I’m the world’s worst animal photographer, I just tried to take gritty artsy black and white images of some of the more interesting creatures that crawled, crept, and slithered close enough to my lens. So here are a few. I don’t know. Just something to look at. Nothing more.

Note that baboons are some of the craziest things I’ve ever seen up close and personal. Their hindquarters look like someone tried to turn them inside-out but then quit halfway through. Also, tigers are majestic and beautiful and lazy as shit. Fruit bats–or whatever that vampiric thing hanging from a tree branch is–have enormous penises, relative to their body sizes, and they look weirdly human. The penises. Not so much the bats, which look more like flying wolves. Lemurs are pretty chill all around, and during feeding times they’ll just hang out right next to you and eat a pineapple. Crocodiles are downright prehistoric. And snakes will never not look scheming and shrewd and shifty and generally just evil, even when they’re simply lying there, napping on a tree branch.

Singapore Zoo-2
Singapore Zoo-3
Singapore Zoo-4
Singapore Zoo-5
Singapore Zoo-7

7 thoughts on “Where the Wild Things Are”

  1. Love the pictures — stunning! Really like that “gritty b&w” :p brings out a nice effect behind the pictures.

  2. Fabulous shooting. Love the crackling eyes of the flying (hanging rather) fox. And the portrait of the lemur, love the textures and intensity. Majestic shooting. Really enjoyed this collection. Jubilant cheers,

    Autumn Jade

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