Travel Photography | Ho Chi Minh City

A view over Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam from Bitexco Tower.

For all of my travels in Southeast Asia, I always come back to Vietnam. It can be hard to pin down at times, what exactly I love about it. A certain kind of madness and awkward beauty maybe. Its unhinged chaos barely concealed beneath a veneer of wide-eyed youthfulness. The filth, the fun, the fleeting remembrance of recent history. Absolutely mind-bogglingly delicious food. Everything and more really. So it’s always exciting to have an assignment in one of the nation’s major cities. To traipse around with a camera in my hand and a loose agenda and nothing but crowded roads and plates piled high before me. So for now, here are some images taken on assignment with Singapore Airlines, for their inflight magazine. You can see the published story here as well: Ho Chi Minh City’s Hot Neighbourhoods.

Saigon Travel Feature Singapore Airlines 02
Saigon Travel Feature Singapore Airlines 03
Saigon Travel Feature Singapore Airlines 04
Saigon Travel Feature Singapore Airlines 05
Beef pho at Pho Le restaurant in District 5, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
Saigon Travel Feature Singapore Airlines 07
Saigon Travel Feature Singapore Airlines 08
A dusk cityscape of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam from the Air 360 sky bar.

21 thoughts on “Travel Photography | Ho Chi Minh City”

  1. Great pics for a great piece great travel journalism! I recently moved to South East Asia to practise shooting, and this is the kind of result I’d like to be able to produce, as quality of images, variety of subjects, composition of the feauture.. everything seems to be at the right place! I’ll keep an eye on you 😉

  2. Reblogged this on I was wandering and commented:
    Starting our sabbatical research on WordPress I came across this beautiful post about Vietnam. We heard so many people talking about Vietnam while we were in Thailand and Cambodia last month I’m itching to go back to Asia already! …..I think I’m going to have this problem a lot in the next few months…!

  3. I am living in the Maldives and this reminds me much of the mainland of Male – yet many people don’t imagine the Maldives to look like this. Great read and beautiful pics by the way!

  4. Maravilhosas as fotos, realmente podemos nos imaginar presentes em cada situação registrada nas imagens! Adorei.

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