Travel Photography | Cityscapes

An aerial view of downtown Ho Chi Minh City, in southern Vietnam.

Saigon. Kohima. Singapore. Luang Prabang. Shanghai. Phonsavan. Hanoi. Bangkok. Danang. Nha Trang. Dali. Hong Kong. And everywhere else not pictured. I’ve fallen in love with every city, town, district, collection of huts in the middle of a vast unknown landscape I’ve ever visited. The world is a large, complicated, beautiful place. Go forth.

12 Comments on “Travel Photography | Cityscapes

  1. How’d you like Luang Prabang? I was only in Vientiane a couple years back due to lack of time. 😦

  2. I love travelling and travel pics even more b/c they capture those beautiful moments for a long time. I love your collection and will be following.

  3. Some great city captures there. Nice collage:)

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  5. How do you TAKE these? They’re so cool!

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