Tearsheets | The Best Pizza in Vietnam


One of my favorite clients, INK Publishing, is running another spread with my photos in Tiger Air’s inflight magazine this month. From a Japanese-run pizza joint in Saigon that may make the best pizza in the world. Seriously. Pizza 4Ps. They grow their own vegetables on a farm in the Central Highlands of Vietnam, and make several of their own cheeses as well, including a burrata that adorns their signature dish. Plus the chef studied in Italy and the owner is one of the friendliest people in Ho Chi Minh City. Go there.

3 thoughts on “Tearsheets | The Best Pizza in Vietnam”

  1. I didn’t know Vietnam can really make good Pizza. Too bad, I just left Vietnam.
    Till next time, I guess



  2. Omg, I didnot even know that. When I was in Vietnam, I thought they all served the same kind of pizza. Will try them for sure 🙂

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