NYT | Guardians of Nature

0214 AJS NYT Dalat Farmers PES-765

A few months back I worked on a story with Mike Ives, a writer for The New York Times, about a Payments for Ecosystems program in the central Vietnam province of Lam Dong. It was a fun few days, and a great story as well. Who doesn’t like riding a motorbike through mountain passes and hills in the cool highlands of Southeast Asia? Read what is absolutely 100% more interesting than anything I could possibly say about the subject here: PES Vietnam.

0214 AJS NYT Dalat Farmers PES-810
0214 AJS NYT Dalat Farmers PES-197
0214 AJS NYT Dalat Farmers PES-413
0214 AJS NYT Dalat Farmers PES-980

3 thoughts on “NYT | Guardians of Nature”

  1. I have, through some research labyrinth, found your blog and I simply have to admit I am in love with your work. I have been scrolling for as ages and finally realised if I don’t stop now, I probably never will. I currently stay in Hanoi, have travelled through parts of South East Asia and plan to do a lot more traveling on this side of the world, but I have yet to find someone that can communicate its beauty and sorrow as well as you do. Thank you for your inspiration, I hope that one day my photography will possess a fraction of the weight that yours does.

  2. Aaron, What a stunning piece—texts and photographs. It was beautiful, arresting and mysterious. Cathy forwarded the post to me.In fact, I mentioned you today in my class at Governor’s School here in Raleigh. We were talking about the changes that you have caught with your lens and language.I am just about to arrive at the bend of bay and hustle back to Howth castle and environs. Oh, Oh here comes everybody!My love to Caitlin. Love and Peace, Chuck

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