Sneak Peak | Mai Chau, Vietnam

SULA AW2014-2

I’m just back from an amazing time on assignment for Sula Clothing’s AW2014 collection. We went to Mai Chau, in the mountains and valleys of northern Vietnam. Time and again, Alison and co. prove to be among my favorite clients–always willing to try new things and travel to new places and take risks that usually, but not always, pan out. Here’s one picture from the trip. With many more to come. Buy her clothes HERE. They’re gorgeous.

5 thoughts on “Sneak Peak | Mai Chau, Vietnam”

  1. This shot looks amazing. and the clothes too. Love it !!

  2. The saltoro dress,janet dress,imeon dress and the rosa dresses are rather lovely.

    Dana Guidera

    Author of Seven Poems from Life

  3. It looks like organic or natural material 🙂 great picture ❤

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