NYT | Vietnam’s Best Pizza

New York Times Ho Chi Minh City Pizza 01
New York Times Ho Chi Minh City Pizza 02

I worked on a story last month for The New York Times about a Japanese-owned pizza joint in Ho Chi Minh City. It’s honestly probably the best pizza I’ve ever eaten. Anything I could possibly write about it here has already been written in the article. So here are just a few photo outtakes. You can (should) read the story here: In Vietnam, Pizza From Farm to Table.

9 thoughts on “NYT | Vietnam’s Best Pizza”

  1. I’m Vietnamese and have been there once. the quality is surprising.
    Reading this piece of news and understanding how hard this japanese man has been through to deliver the excellence even surprises me more.
    Thank for the editorial.

  2. So it’s the Italian cheese made by Japanese in Vietnam!!! Sounds good to me already using the local produce for a local joint. We never/can’t do that here in HK.

  3. I love that you were able to document the whole process from start to finish! The oven picture is my favourite. Also, just out of curiosity – did you prefer photographing Hanoi or HCMC?

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