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Hanoi Travel Wall Street Journal-1

I just finished up a great little shoot in Hanoi, Vietnam for The Wall Street Journal. A travel story centered around the capital’s split personality, its wonderful and often weird fusions of the past and present. The writer did a bang up job researching the piece, including some oft overlooked spots like Manzi and 54 traditions, among others. Here’s the article: Two Ways to see Hanoi.

The photographs here are just outtakes from the assignment, images I liked but didn’t make it into the final layout. The city’s been gray and overcast and raining for weeks now, so it was a definite challenge getting good photos. I could have done with some nicer light, some afternoon sun or something, but alas. We can’t always get what we want.

Hanoi Travel Wall Street Journal-2
Hanoi Travel Wall Street Journal-3
Hanoi Travel Wall Street Journal-4
Hanoi Travel Wall Street Journal-5
Hanoi Travel Wall Street Journal-6

6 Comments on “Hanoi | Wall Street Journal

  1. Lovely, incredible pictures. Thank you!

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