Website Updates & More

Hand Over Hong Kong-1

It’s been a great, busy start to the New Year. I’m just back from a short vacation with friends, and currently in Bangkok working on a few stories and hopefully meeting a potential new fixer for future trips. I have a bag full of film that needs processing, and I may even find my way to a record store or two while in town. Who knows.

The above image is from the top of the W Hotel in Kowloon, Hong Kong, where I was just a few months back working on a large story with a very large US company. We were all taking an afternoon break on the roof deck, and someone put their hand on the glass wall overlooking the epic cityscape below. I really like the image. It’s simple and graphic, with just enough strangeness.

Over my short vacation with friends, I updated my main website, Aaron Joel Santos Photography. All of the galleries are side scrolling now, which is something I’ve always loved. I think it gives more context to the images. I’ve also just generally updated all the sections. So take a minute, or five, and have a look.

1 thought on “Website Updates & More”

  1. Cool shot. This is one of the photos that just makes me want to travel so badly! Someday, I’ll be photographing a view like that. Someday.

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