New Wedding Photography Blog

Aaron Joel Santos Wedding Photography

So I’ve decided to separate my wedding blog posts from the others. Not because they don’t compliment each other, but simply because I seem to be shooting enough weddings these days to merit a unique blog in their honor. And I’m not so sure that people coming here to see editorial, fashion, travel, and fine art work want see the weddings I shoot, and vice versa. More so on the vice versa. Though if you do care to continue seeing that kind of work, kindly make your way over to the new blog: And Then There Were Weddings. It will be updated regularly, and will feature shoots from around Southeast Asia. Hopefully good ones.

10 Comments on “New Wedding Photography Blog

  1. Beautiful photos! the one by the huge wall, wow that’s quite the background 🙂

  2. What lens did you use to capture those wide backgrounds? My 50mm is amazing for portraits bit not with wide shots which I really love.

  3. The wider backgrounds were probably taken with my 24mm lens. That’s the widest I’m currently working with.

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  6. Awesome mate thanks for the info. I’m thinking of getting a 35mm maybe that will do. Cheers!

  7. I stumbled upon your site, your work is fantastic. Keep up the great work!

  8. Beautiful pictures. You manage your site such a good way. Really stunning work.

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