Domi | Hanoi, Vietnam

Aaron Joel Santos-DOMI FASHION-1

I had a great assignment the other day with a new client–Domi, a small new brand from a boutique fashion designer based in the United States. It was basically six outfits–all nightwear and all white cotton–that she sent over to me in Hanoi. She gave very little in the way of direction, saying that she loved some of the other fashion work I’d done, and that I should just kind of go out and find some nice photos. So pretty much a dream job. Here are some nice simple clothes and I want you to hang out with a beautiful model and not worry about makeup or hair or wrinkles or anything else. Just get on a motorbike and go. Which is what we did. We ended up finding an old abandoned bus in a rice field on the outskirts of the capital. We also visited a longan garden on the river and a factory rooftop downtown. Plus a few seedy short-time motels. Luckily I’ve worked with Trang Pham–in my humble opinion the most gorgeous and talented model in all of Vietnam–many times before, so she was game to entertain me on some of my stranger requests with barely more than an arched eyebrow. Here are a few photographs from the day. Thanks to Ali for being such an amazing and relaxed client and letting me loose with her clothes. And thanks to Trang for spending the day with me and never giving less than 110%.

Aaron Joel Santos-DOMI FASHION-2
Aaron Joel Santos-DOMI FASHION-3
Aaron Joel Santos-DOMI FASHION-4

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