Fashion Photography | Hanoi, Vietnam

AJS Fashion Sula AW2013-2

I just finished photographing a fourth collection for Sula Clothing out of the UK. AW 2013. This time the designer, model, and I found ourselves in an old pharmaceuticals factory on the outskirts of Hanoi for the shoot. Sula is one of my favorite clients to work with, as Alison, the designer, is always up to try out new ideas, and is never afraid to get her hands–or clothes–dirty. Here are a few images from the day. Enjoy.

You can see more of my fashion photography on my website :: HERE.

AJS Fashion Sula AW2013-5
AJS Fashion Sula AW2013-6
AJS Fashion Sula AW2013-7
AJS Fashion Sula AW2013-4

2 thoughts on “Fashion Photography | Hanoi, Vietnam”

  1. I love the intimacy and sweetness of this photos. She’s like a little bird, dancing, trapped in a room from nowhere.

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