Chinatown & The iPhone Diaries

Chinatown Bangkok Travel-1

I make no bones about it: I love the camera on my iPhone. Mostly when it’s being used through the Hipstamatic app. There’s something unassuming about it. The images don’t hold the same gravity as those taken with my Canon camera. The exact same photograph can manage to feel lighter and less consequential. In a good way. I find myself shooting all of the little things that catch my eye and a lot of the fleeting scenes and details from my travels. When I’m walking around on my own, I really don’t like lugging around a large camera. This is something I’ve had to come to terms with, as a professional photographer. These days I’m fine with it. I’ve even gotten some work because of my phone photos. Including a magazine cover story I just finished shooting in southern Cambodia. Some people will always decry phone photography as the death of the art. But they’re no fun. And they’re missing the point. It’s about freedom, not limitations.

This small selection here is from Chinatown in Bangkok. Taken during an afternoon while I was waiting for a visa to be processed. You can see more images in The iPhone Diaries section of my website. Or you can do like the cool kids and follow me on Instagram. Stay beautiful. Stay tuned.

Chinatown Bangkok Travel-2
Chinatown Bangkok Travel-3
Chinatown Bangkok Travel-4
Chinatown Bangkok Travel-5
Chinatown Bangkok Travel-6
Chinatown Bangkok Travel-7

2 thoughts on “Chinatown & The iPhone Diaries”

  1. Hi Aaron, your photos are really inspiring! They make me want to go out and explore the world more. 🙂 Awesome shots for Songkran – wondering how you protected your camera.

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